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Renew Your STAR Membership

With the recent relaunch of our website comes an updated membership process: please read and act upon the instructions contained in this post to renew your STAR Member status.

We have developed a more robust system for collecting, storing and maintaining information about our active members, their places of work and stages of training, so we can better target relevant information to them.

In order to renew your membership of STAR, we now require you to complete a short application form by clicking the "Join STAR" button on our homepage.

You will then need to create a website account in the STAR Members Area, so you can join in the discussion groups for your hospital and find out more about research opportunities in your local department.

If you do not wish to remain a member of STAR, but would like to continue to receive our regular email updates, we also need you to take action. Please visit our homepage and click the "Contact STAR" button: complete the form, making sure you select the option to subscribe to our newsletter before you submit it.

Thank you for taking the time to read and act upon this email. If you have any questions about the new membership process, please don't hesitate to email our support team on For more information about the work of STAR, see our homepage, contact us via Twitter or Facebook, or email

Yours faithfully,

The STAR Committee

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