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SMeVA: STAR Mechanical Ventilation Audit

The STAR Mechanical Ventilation Audit (SMeVA) was a multi-centre snapshot audit of ICU ventilation practices and a survey of senior ICU staff regarding their opinions of the management of ventilated critical care patients.

This work was presented at the ESCIM LIVES 2015 conference in Berlin, Germany (3-7 October 2015).

Newell CP, Oglesby K, Crewdson C, Martin M, Dodds N, Astin J, Grant A, Heikal S, Lahie H, Seligman W, Davies H, Bourdeaux C and Severn Trainees Anaesthetic Research (STAR) Group. STAR GROUP MECHANICAL VENTILATION MULTICENTRE SNAPSHOT AUDIT AND SURVEY. Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 2015, 3(Suppl 1):A100  doi:10.1186/2197-425X-3-S1-A100

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