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Project Archive

SNAP-1: Sprint National Audit Project

SNAP-1 took place on Tuesday 13th May and Wednesday 14th May 2014. All seven trusts in the region were involved, utilising the efforts of twenty STAR trainees. It was the first in what is hoped to become an exciting new initiative of projects involving anaesthetists and hospitals throughout the UK, and STAR intends to continue to support this initiative.

The SNAPs are intended to provide a ‘snapshot’ evaluation of clinical activity and patient centred outcomes that are important and relevant to both patients and anaesthetists. SNAP-1 was a research project which involved a two-day evaluation of patient reported outcomes after anaesthesia; specifically, patient satisfaction after anaesthesia and patient-reported awareness.

The findings of the project have been analysed and some of the initial results were presented at the HSRC/QuARC meeting which took place on 17th March 2015 at the RCoA. The exact date for when the results will be published are yet to be confirmed.

Further information about SNAP-1 can be found on the SNAP website but if you would like to know more you can also contact the team directly at

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