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Assessment of TracheostOMy Insertion and Care - ATOMIC


The STAR and SWARM trainee networks teamed up and designed an ambitious Deanery-wide ICU audit project.


The aim of this project was to collect data in every hospital within our 2 deaneries (from Swindon to Truro) around tracheostomy insertion and care and compare it to the NCEPOD ‘on the right trach’ report.


Data collection was performed over a 3 month period and once again demonstrated that trainee-led networks can collect high quality, accurate data over a sustained period.


Tracheostomies are performed regularly but there is little evidence of how we are looking after these patients post insertion. This audit will helped assess an important but often overlooked area of ICU care.  We were very fortunate to have the support of all the ICU clinical leads throughout the region, as well as the local critical care NIHR Clinical Research Network, via Tim Gould.




SODIT, 15th June 2017, Drs Aggie Skorko & Bob Goss

RAFT AGM 2017 - WINNER and selected as a future national project.


Regional Project Lead


Dr Bob Goss, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital (SWARM)

Dr Aggie Skorko, Severn Deanery (STAR)

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