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Management of adult mechanical ventilated patients: a UK Wide Survey

 We ahave been working with the Wessex research network on a survey aimed at  evaluating current practices in mechanical ventilation on the ICU across the country. This is an NIHR project led by Professors Grocott and Dushianthan from Southampton.


The specific aims of the project were;


1. To assess current practice in initiating, and managing mechanically ventilated patients including ventilatory modes, weaning, recruitment manoeuvres and approaches used during the post-extubation period.

2. To determine the use of specific guidelines/protocols/pathways in units across the United Kingdom.

3. To determine management strategies including Sedation, paralysis, proning, fluid balance and pharmacological strategies adopted to treat mechanically ventilated patients.

4. To assess the post discharge approach and any specific rehabilitation programmes offered in different units.

5. To assess different units’ involvement of patients in clinical trials.

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