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Satisfaction & Wellbeing in Anaesthetic Training

The SWeAT study was an independent, trainee-led collaboration between STAR and our equivalent groups in the Peninsula (SWARM) and Wales (WAAREN) Deaneries. It was supported with funding from the NIAA & AAGBI and we are very proud to announce that it is now Health Research Authority approved, and eligible for Clinical Research Network Portfolio status.

This was a fantastic boost to the project, which will combine quantitative and qualitative methods to explore the vitally important issues of professional satisfaction, stress, and burnout syndrome amongst Anaesthetic and ICM trainees.

Phase one of data collection started on Monday 20th February 2017, with a short (approx. 10 minute), confidential questionnaire emailed to all non-consultant/non-SAS grade Anaesthetists and Intensivists working in the Severn, Wessex and Wales Deaneries.

It was vitally important that as many trainees as possible have their say.

The second phase took the form of semi-structured confidential interviews with an independent researcher from the University of Bath. Although responses to the initial questionnaire were completely anonymous (if preferred), a sample of those trainees who included a method of contact were approached to take part.


Results of this landmark study were released in 2 separate papers in Anaesthesia Journal in May 2019.

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