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Trainee Local Leads

Trainee Local Leads

Our network of Trainee Local Leads support the work of STAR in their employing hospitals, supported by the Local Consultant Leads. They are responsible for communicating the work of STAR within their departments, co-ordinating local contributions to our projects and facilitating the handover of ongoing audit, research and quality improvement work between rotating trainees. They are administrators of the STAR Discussion Forum for their hospital, where our members can collaborate on their projects and share their work with he wider STAR community.

Current local leads:

NBT: Carys Lim

(co-lead PEACH sw and co-lead POPPY with Fran Millinchamp)

UHBW: Kate Bell


Swindon: Jenetha Rajendram


RUH: Leads for projects below

PRINTS:  Rob Penders PEACH sw: Ben Dallyn 


GRH: Paul Halford, Hannah Swinburne (from Nov 23)

Yeovil: Jennifer Drive

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