Committee Archive

Committee Archive

The STAR Group was founded in 2013, with the express aim of expanding and enhancing the opportunities for engagement in high quality research and quality improvement projects for it members within the Severn Deanery.

At the time, we were one of the very first Trainee Research Collaboratives

The following individuals have previously held positions on the STAR Executive Committee; we are indebted to them for all their hard work in developing STAR.

Executive Chair

Dr Alex Looseley (2015-2017)

Dr Chris Newell (2013-2015)


Dr Ben Hearne (2018-2019)

Dr Marcin Pachucki (2014-2018)


Dr Matt Martin (2016-2018)

Dr Kat Ng (2014-2016)

Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Sethina Watson (2018-2019)

Dr Dave Cronin (2017-2018)

Dr Rhys Rhidian (2016-2017)

IT and Communications

Dr Ed Miles (2016-2018)

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