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Regional Survey of Pre-operative Assessment Services

Early in 2016, in collaboration with SWARM, STAR completed a Southwest-wide survey, benchmarking the current provision of POAC services across the greater South West region. All 14 centres across both regions took part and the findings were presented by Alex Looseley at the Bristol PreHabilitation Symposium in March

If you missed this, we also aim to present the results at SASWR 2016 in Exeter. Work is also underway to submit this work for potential publication; all contributors to the project will be acknowledged.

In Severn, this work was undertaken within the auspices of the Department of Anaesthesia (UHBT), University of Bristol and the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute and headed up by Dr Sanjoy Shah. It took the form of an electronic survey that aimed to benchmark the pre-op services across our region (and in neighbouring regions). This knowledge is in itself highly valuable, but it will also be used to inform future resources designed to improve the provision of Pre-op Assessment Services on a regional/national level.

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