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PREdS Study: Launch

The STAR Team are thrilled to announce the launch of the PREdS study. This study has been designed and led from within the Severn region, and in association with our trainee colleagues throughout the RAFT network, will run nationwide later this year.

This observational snap-shot study aims to evaluate the number of patients presenting for surgery who take exogenous steroids, and how perioperative steroid replacement is currently managed.

This study will provide key information in an area in which relatively little research has been conducted, and STAR are proud to be leading on this project.

As a trainee led research effort, STAR will be looking for local trainee leads and trainee contributors at each hospital site within the Severn region. All will receive a certificate of participation for their portfolio.

If you would be interested in being involved in this project, please contact us on:

and for further info click here or via twitter:



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