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DALES:Drug Allergy Labels in the Elective Surgical population

The current RAFT National Collaborative Project is DALES: Drug Allergy Labels in the Elective Surgical population. DALES is a three-day study, comprising patient survey, anaesthetist survey and patient follow up on the day. There will be no extended follow up data collection period.

DALES is designed to evaluate the prevalence of patient-reported and documented allergy to drugs relevant to anaesthesia, and to learn more about anaesthetists’ knowledge and attitudes to allergy.

The project is well into its development phase and we expect the final draft protocol, patient and anaesthetist surveys will be circulated to all trainee research networks in the next few weeks.

Once the protocol is finalised, we expect DALES to start data collection at the end of this year. Look out for more updates in our next newsletter.

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