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Upcoming RAFT Project - The POPPY Study

STAR is pleased to support the upcoming RAFT project: The POPPY Study

POPPY is the new RAFT project launching later in 2023. This observational cohort study will create a picture of current UK day-case surgery using patient centred outcomes measured after discharge from hospital. Longer-term measured outcomes will focus on investigating the rates of persistent post- operative pain and persistent opioid use after surgery. The POPPY study spans the special interest areas of perioperative medicine, pain medicine and day case surgery. We are excited to make this RAFT national research project as successful as previous ones. You will find all the most recent information regarding POPPY right here

Study overview

The POPPY study is a national trainee led prospective multi-centre mixed methods observational cohort study investigating patient reported outcomes in quality of recovery, postoperative pain and pain relief in adults undergoing day case surgery in the UK. It will include all adult patients who are having day case surgery (excluding overnight or 23 hour stay) requiring an anaesthetist to be present for the case. The study will not include paediatric cases, diagnostic procedures (e.g. radiology, endoscopy), minimally invasive (e.g. day case cardiology procedures), obstetric procedures and ophthalmic procedures. The study being mixed methods will involve the collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data.


POPPY's primary objectives are:

· to measure the quality of recovery in the UK day case surgical population during the first postoperative week

· to measure the prevalence of persistent post surgical pain (PPSP) and persistent postoperative opioid use (PPOU) in the UK day case surgical population

Secondary objectives include:

· identify the characteristics that are associated with poor quality of recovery and the development of PPSP and PPOU

· describe the prevalence of acute pain and analgesia use during the first postoperative week

· investigate the differences in quality of life between patients with and without PPSP

· describe the patient reported acceptability of SMS prompted long term follow-up in observational studies in anaesthesia

The aims of the qualitative part of the study are to explore the patient experience of day case surgery, acute recovery, longer term recovery and opioid use in patients experiencing PPSP.

For more information, including how to get involved, visit the project website:


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