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STAR Congress

The STAR Committee would like to thank all of the speakers and attendees of our STAR Annual Congress earlier this year. The event was a great success, and it was wonderful to see so many of you in person as well as virtually.

Highlights included:

John Carlisle's plea for robust statistical design in research, Ronelle Mouton on exciting upcoming projects including the NIHR funded SINFONIA (Sugammadex for preventIoN oF pOst-operative pulmoNary complIcAtions), and Richard Armstrong, a local trainee on his experience as the trainee lead on the NAP-7 project.

There were also brilliant contributions from STAR Alumni Katie Samuel and Chris Newell on Equipoise, and the role of the NIHR respectively, and a fascinating final talk from Ned Gilbert-Kawai on his experience conducting research on Everest.

We have already confirmed a date for our next Annual Congress: 28th February 2023 so get your study leave requests in!


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