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Identification of Difficult Airways in Critical Care uniTs (ID-ACCT) - TRIC 2023

STAR has an opportunity for you to collaborate on a national ICM project.

The project, ID-ACCT, is a national service evaluation running for 48 hours in December 2023. We will be co-ordinating the project regionally on behalf of the TRIC: the UK-wide group of ICM trainees who aim to facilitate and inspire audit, QI and research in intensive care

We are looking for a team of local leads and collaborators for each Intensive Care Unit in the region.

A summary of the project is below.

Please contact us at if you would like to be involved!

The study:

ID ACCT (Identification of Difficult Airways in Critical Care uniTs).

The aim of this study is to assess current practice of identification of difficult airways in Critical Care Units across the UK. This project is a service evaluation.


48 hours of data collection. The data collection for each patient is prospective (no need to request notes), not time-consuming and highly achievable within the 48-hour window of your choosing within the two-week national data collection window (4-17 December 2023).

Data Collection:

The data collection form will be electronic via RedCap

Getting involved:

Trainee Site Lead(s) - those taking a leadership role, registering the project locally and organising the data collection within their trust

Collaborators - those who play a key role in the delivery of the study during the data collection window

All collaborators will be cited in any publication of ID ACCT.


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