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DALES - Two Abstracts accepted for the BJA

RAFT (Research and Audit Federation of Trainees) have had two had two abstracts accepted for publication in the BJA following the extremely successful DALES trial.

The first abstract focuses on the novel apporoach to data collection in the study, allowing researchers to bring their own devices (BYOD's) such as laptops and mobile phones to securely upload the collected data instantly.

The second looks at the attitudes of patients and anaesthetists towards drug allergy and allergy labelling. Despite there being harm associated with allergy labelling and 95% of these labels being incorrect, it describes some of the barriers to developing a widespread de-labelling programme.

STAR was the 5th largest RAFT Network contributor in terms of sites with 12 sites across all 7 trusts in the Severn Deanery taking part. In total, 48 Trainees and Clinical Fellows worked on DALES in addition to Research nurses and Consultant PIs.

This helped DALES to become the largest consenting trainee led study to date in the UK. 26,052 surveys were collected across 213 sites and over 21,000 of these were patient questionnaires.

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